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Uses the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence to employ human-level understanding at unparalleled speeds to document discovery.

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Understands meaning of over one million different words, names, places, dates and concepts.

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The problem

Litigants and their attorneys face a vexing dilemma.
Volume of information continues to increase Electronically Stored Information has dramatically expanded the volume of documents that must be collected
Manual reviews are incredibly expensive Escalating costs of legal services can make it prohibitively expensive to pay large teams of attorneys to manually review all potentially relevant documents
Humans are prone to error
In manual review, vital information may be overlooked due to simple human error. The result: every litigator’s worst nightmare — being blindsided by a “smoking gun” document
Missing the smoking gun

Consider the following

After chatting amiably for several paragraphs about golf, an e-mail’s author might casually slip in an insider-trading tip. Traditional e-discovery algorithms, based on Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), will inevitably fail to detect this pattern.


Being a document-level search engine, LSA is only able to track a document's overarching theme. In our particular case, LSA will dismiss the email as being about golf, instead of analyzing it in detail, sentence by sentence.

LSA will overlook an e-mail that has the potential to put someone behind bars.
Watch the smoking gun play
Real innovation is required.

Existing LSA technology is not suited for finding the handful of documents that ultimately matter – the most complex, time-consuming, and expensive task facing litigators today.

The only viable solution is a more efficient and effective search engine.
  • Tens of thousands, if not millions, of documents are typically exchanged in each case.
  • The fraction of documents that will ultimately become exhibits in depositions or at trial is, by necessity, orders of magnitude smaller.
  • LSA is illiterate and knows nothing about the English language
  • Existing technology is trained and limited to the same target corpus that it interprets

SentenceReader leverages two fundamental and
far-reaching innovations.

Sentence-level search

Genuinely literate sentence reader

Built to find the needle in the haystack.

A search engine trained on the English language and
specifically engineered to avoid costly mistakes.

Deep language comprehension

A rich understanding not only of the English language, but also the larger world from which words derive their meaning.

Expansive encyclopedia

Information equivalent to 2,644 volumes if printed and bound like a traditional encyclopedia.

Derived from natural language

Leveraging all of Wikipedia, understands meaning of over 1 million different words, names, places, dates and concepts.

Builds context within a corpus

Finds deeper meaning and relevant content within a corpus where LSA comes up empty handed.