The healthcare landscape is evolving at the most rapid pace in history, and it‘s a challenge to keep pace. Historically, healthcare organizations have functioned without the benefit of deep data analytics guiding the way. That has now changed – Haave can lead you to the forefront of healthcare analytics.

With the implementation of electronic health records and the advancement of artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks and natural language processing, your accumulated data can now be integrated to build advanced analytics solutions.

Research has shown that top performing organizations use advanced analytics five times more than lower performing organizations. Leveraging your data contributes directly to increased revenues, improved quality outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, increased market shares and enhanced compliance.

Whether it’s Revenue Cycle Management, Coding, Claims Denial Management, Clinical Quality and Outcomes Improvement, Clinical Documentation Improvement or Supply Chain Management, our team of data scientists can build a predictive analytics platform that will help you to navigate your next steps and create insights that will allow you to meet your strategic objectives.

Revenue Cycle – Claims Denial Management

Denials, underpayments and delays are critical sources of revenue challenges. On average, 5% of all claims are denied, often requiring lengthy appeals. Whether it’s offering coding support, analyzing the accuracy of your coding, maximizing your reimbursement opportunities or minimizing your denials, Haave will use machine learning to work with you and aggregate your data to uncover sometimes hidden obstacles to create a denials prevention and solution plan. Predictive analytics can identify where you have the maximum opportunity to create efficiencies and reduce roadblocks to payment.

Haave can also partner with your third party revenue cycle management group to offer significant added efficiencies to your processes.


High-quality coding is an expensive and time-consuming process requiring dedicated time from specialized medical coders. With qualified coders hard to find and expensive to retain, many organizations involved in medical coding are looking for ways to scale their existing workforce and increase coding quality.

Fortunately, recent advances in natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning are revolutionizing the translation space. NLP allows a computer to understand valuable information hidden in blocks of text (such as doctors notes), and machine learning can perform sophistic manipulation on structured data (such as lab results). Haave can help your organization utilize these tools and transform your coding process.

Supply Chain

Supply chain management continues to become increasingly complex as costs continue to rise and reimbursements change with new payment models. Haave’s expert data scientists will evaluate and merge your data with your acquisition, contracting, utilization and pricing practices to deliver analysis that will allow you to meet and exceed your strategic and financial objectives.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

The adoption of ICD-10 and its more than 69,000 codes created a dramatic increase in the number of codes and the granular detail that is now required for accurate reimbursement. Haave’s expertise in Natural Language Processing integrates your documentation data, quality metrics, history, queries and coding to build a denial prevention strategy resulting in optimized accuracy and reimbursements. After learning from correctly coded examples, NLP learns to predict on its own which codes should or should not apply to a given document.

Applying NLP to Clinical Documentation has the ability to reduce errors and engage physicians in real time.

Clinical Quality Improvement

As the momentum continues towards value-based care, maximizing your clinical quality is becoming more important than ever. Whether you are ready to develop Clinical Documentation Improvement, best practice clinical outcomes, episode-based payment model efficiencies or clinical process improvement, you will be exploring a data-driven initiative.

Haave’s data science experts will integrate your quality data metrics and patient outcomes to build predictive analytics that will shape your clinical decision-making and enable you to build a new future for your organization.

Staff Augmentation

You may have great data access, but lack the staff to accomplish your goals. Haave offers highly skilled temporary or interim staffing to support both your immediate and long-term staffing and project needs.