Haave is a data science consulting firm, discover how our combination of experience and training can help grow your business

We are uniquely skilled, academically-trained PhDs that are comfortable in chaos. Our expanding team of data scientists leverage cloud and Hadoop infrastructures, ingest and clean data, produce intuitive visualization, perform feature engineering, develop models ranging from logistic regression to advanced neural networks, and are adept at real-time streams processing and deep learning.

Our work has helped CMOs in better understanding audience behavior, Product Managers in finding better ways to commercialize products, CFOs in building better forecast models, and CISOs in better information management and security measures. Our team moves you closer toward the goal you aspire, no dream is too large for us to assess, model, evaluate and deploy.

Insight Solutions

Take control of your data. Regardless of whether you are in Hadoop, Spark, AWS, Google Cloud or Azure, Haave works with you to make sense of your data, assist with your most vexing challenges and support your cost reduction.

Learning Solutions

Prepare your organization and employees for the future with a custom curriculum that combines data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) modules. Each course is crafted by in-house scientists with relevant application and understanding.

Innovation Solutions

What data should your ecosystem be collecting that it currently is not? Develop a data architecture plan and data management process. Perhaps you have a wild idea of your own. Contact us and we will plan how best to develop your vision and generate revenue.

Case Study Highlights

A few ways we have delivered value to enterprises

ASSET DEPLOYMENT telecommunications

Built out text analysis models to identify root causes of why people were calling and if those issues were resolved over the phone. Using LDA, allowed us to perform topic modeling and identify common themes for grouping the proper questions on CSR’s adaptive screen. Streamlined process allowed for reduction in call length, increased on-call resolution and reduced number of truck rollouts. Estimated savings of $10 million per year.


Using SumoLogic and regex scripts, built predictive models, anomaly detection algorithms, and visualize real-time tracking of performance at both endpoints. This capacity assessment provided client with the tools to know where they would need new hardware/servers and at one point, due to bandwidth and capacity constraints on their internal network.


Developed project management software to reduce time-to-completion for construction projects that often suffer from delivery delays and other linear process issues. Built models to more accurately predict/estimate length of a project and included Monte Carlo optimization.


Performed 360-degree survey (HR) assessments for over 1,000 hospitals, including regression and longitudinal analysis to track performance over time. Identified effective leadership and teams. Found opportunities for training and restructuring.


Tracking metrics for client newest platform including participation by channel, primary language and geolocation. Internal metrics for BI and IT teams. These tools were used to allow preemptive analysis and notification of any anomalies, outliers, or problems before they were noticed

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Matt Fornito CEO & Chief Analytics Officer

A visionary data scientist and behavioral theory expert who previously founded Summit Analytics. Matt is an active mentor in the data science and artificial intelligence communities. He is a founder of Denver’s AI Meetup and a member of a regional AI think tank.

Nora Pykkonen COO & Corporate Development

A goal-centered leader and co-founder of Slalom Consulting. Nora is charged with implementing an agile infrastructure, hiring and retaining smart people, building a scalable organization and facilitating partnerships. She remains focused on our ability to meet bottom line commitments.

Kevin Hill Lead Data Scientist

A passionate data scientist operating at the intersection between human behavior and machine learning to power solutions to tough problems. Kevin is deeply curious about the potential to build systems that combine the best of both human and artificial intelligence.